Water Spirit is asking for prayers for her 87 year old dad, Joseph, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and recently underwent whipple surgery at Strong Hospital: prayers for all the physical and spiritual physicians/medical and non-medical care givers who will be assisting and guiding his care; for Water Spirit and her family to have the strength and endurance to support Joseph in his journey with this in a way that brings comfort, love, joy, peace, connection, and Divine Will; for Joseph to maintain his positive spirit, and for ease, support and speedy recovery to his usual quality of life; and for all people who are challenged with this disease to be Blessed with comfort, love, joy, and peace.

Water Spirit gives her blessing and thanks in advance for your prayers and healing energy and intends that they may they be multiplied back to you.

Requested by: Water Spirit

Date requested: December 6, 2010