Zen Meditation Group
Endless Path Zendo

Endless Path Zendo is a small lay Zen group, non-institutional and non-residential in atmosphere, dedicated to walking the Buddha Way in the midst of our ordinary daily lives. We find our center of gravity in the deep creative imagination of Zen, in meditation (zazen) practice, and in the ancient vows of the Bodhisattva.

Rafe Martin, Sensei, founding teacher at Endless Path Zendo, is an award-winning author and storyteller with a strong background in mythic traditions. He is a recipient of the prestigious Empire State Award. He is also an ordained lay Zen teacher with over forty years of practice. A disciple of Philip Kapleau Roshi, he has been sanctioned by Danan Henry Roshi, founder of the Zen Center of Denver, a transmitted Kapleau Roshi Zen teacher, as well as a Diamond Sangha Dharma Master, to teach Zen through the traditional forms of zazen (Zen meditation), dokusan (one-on-one teaching), teisho (Dharma talk), sesshin (retreat), workshops, and the complete Harada-Yasutani koan curriculum.

Location: 56 Brighton Street, Rochester, NY 14607
Contact/Information: rafem@aol.com or 585-442-2826
Website: http://endlesspathzendo.org; Updates at Endless Path Zendo on Facebook