SpiritNet Fee Schedule

A $25 fee applies to the following:

  • Individual listings: Each event listing and bulletin item listing which charges a fee
  • Multiple low-cost event listing discount: One $25 SpiritNet fee for every three (3) one-time events which charge fees of $20 or less per event ($25 fee for 1-3 events, $50 fee for 4-6 events, $75 fee for 7-9 events, etc.)

    The following conditions apply to the multiple low-cost listing discount: (PLEASE review this list to see all requirements are met before submitting event listings)

  • The events must have the same location and registration information
  • The event must be for a one-time class, workshop, or event (no multiple classes or class series events, even if each individual class is $20 or less)
  • All events will be put on one listing
  • All events must be in the same category (e.g., Healing, Spirituality, Healing & Spirituality, etc.)
  • The listing information must be of the same type (either all New Events or all Ongoing Events)
  • Different types of postings can not be combined in the same listing (e.g., New Event listings cannot be combined with Ongoing Event listings)

    No fee is charged for:

  • Events that are free
  • Fundraising events for other charities where net event proceeds are donated to the other charity
  • Donation-only events (where it is truly donation only, i.e., the event may be attended for free if someone is unable to donate)
  • Links
  • Prayer Requests
  • Sharings
  • Suggested Readings

    ~ ~ ~

    SpiritNet Listing Policies

  • Each paid event or bulletin listing is sent out one time to the SpiritNet email list in an individual email
  • After the initial individual email, paid event listings are sent out with the regular e-newsletter(s) up until the date of the event
  • Free event listings are sent out only with the weekly email newsletter(s) up until the date of the event
  • Paid ongoing event and bulletin listings are sent out one time when they are first listed and are not included with the regular e-newsletter (although occasional reminders may be sent upon request)

    ~ ~ ~

    Thank you for your support!