Focused Pain Relief
A New Way to Find Pain Relief:
Topical Cream - Covered By Insurance

Who are we?

Focused Pain Relief is a locally owned company based in Victor, NY that develops revolutionary topical creams for neuropathic pain and inflammation. Through extensive research and patient feedback, we have developed proprietary formulations that are making a very real difference to people who either prefer safer treatment methods or have not had successful results with pharmaceuticals or surgery.

Why are we different?

Each of our creams is customized to each individual patient. This allows us to work with each patient and physician to design the optimal formulation for their indication. Once the patient receives the cream, we follow up within five to seven days to collect feedback. That feedback is communicated with the physician on a monthly basis. If the patient is not getting the maximum amount of relief, we will work with the patient and the physician to develop a formulation that satisfies their needs.

How does it work?

Once the prescription is received at Focused Pain Relief, we take care of the rest. We will contact the insurance company, complete all necessary paperwork, and determine the co-pay. We contact the patient for payment, and all products are shipped overnight free of charge to the patientís door.

Location: 53 West Main Street, Victor, NY 14564
Contact/Information: If you have any additional questions regarding the product or would like help contacting your doctor, contact Lisa Martone at or 585-200-2988