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After coming into contact with a variety of health practitioners, those pursuing a spiritual path, and others of like mind and interests over the past several years, Mary Leary started an email list to keep subscribers informed of upcoming and ongoing spiritual and alternative health events, workshops, classes, retreats, etc. in the Genesee Valley area, and to connect the many circles and groups in the area. At a retreat in February, 2005, Mary met Howard Camp, who, by using his expertise and experience in developing and maintaining websites in the area, created the Spiritnet website from the information provided to and disseminated by Mary. Joan Hessenauer later assisted Mary by redesigning the website, and temporarily helped with updates to the website.

Mary Leary

Mary earns a living by writing for legal publications, and practicing law.

Howard Camp

Howard earns a living as a marriage and family therapist, and as a supervisor and trainer.

Joan Hessenauer

Joan earns a living as web application developer.