Both dysfunction, or "dis-ease", of body mind and spirit and the healing of dysfunction are energy processes. Dis-ease is "negative" energy which is experienced as pain and limitation. "Positive" energy is experienced as health and well being, or balanced functioning of body, mind and spirit. All healing then, is seen as a process of replacing negative energies with positive energies.

The Process of "Dis-ease"

Negatively charged emotional experiences such as physical trauma, surgery, disease, emotional crisis, negative feelings, stress and self-limiting thoughts are strongly remembered through the suppression of these emotions into the DNA of body cells. These energy memories, although basically at the unconscious level, continue to limit our experience of life with spiritual, mental, emotional and physical pain and dysfunction.

The Process of Healing

"Healing" is the process which removes repressed negative energy from the DNA and the energy field thus creating the conditions whereby the body and mind can return to health and well being. The Angelic Link healers are attuned, or energetically linked during their training, to Angels of Healing in the 5th dimension of energy who channel powerful healing energies through the healers and into the bodies of those seeking balance in their lives. This "positive" or "healing" energy has the capability to "dis-integrate" the negative energies underlying pain and dysfunction and clear the path to recovery through the body's innate healing mechanism. However, these negative energies cannot be released until the client is ready to release them.

Our Healing Techniques

The Angelic Link uses Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and CranioSacral Therapy as healing modalities. These techniques provide us with a powerful energetic link to the Angelic energy source as well as a formalized and proven healing structure. Healing experience with these techniques enhances the healer's intuitive ability to receive additional direct healing guidance from the Angelic realm.

The Healing Session

The healing session normally lasts one hour, during which the client lies fully clothed on a massage table. The healers work as a team and use gentle hands-on touch to various positions on the body as directed by their training and by their intuitive guidance. the client may feel nothing or may feel mild physical sensations or emotional upswelling as repressed emotional energies are released. The healing energies are the energies of love and compassion and cannot do harm.

Complementarity of Services

The services offered by the Angelic Link Center for Healing are in no way intended to substitute for traditional health care services, but rather are intended to complement these services. We encourage our clients to continue ongoing traditional recommendations and services. We readily refer our clients for traditional health care evaluation. We appreciate referrals to the Angelic Link from traditional sources.

The Power of Love Acceleration

It is the Power of Love which creates, which heals, which makes new, which works "miracles". The nature of man is evolving from its ego-centered, fear based past into its spiritually centered, love-based future. Homo Sapiens is quickly evolving into Homo Spiritus -- Spirit in matter. Your personal transformation can be accelerated by the Power of Love Acceleration Technique. At this time, we are directed by spirit to provide this acceleration free to all who ask for it. This gift from the angels is passed to you in a 15 minute healing session for which you need not be present with the healer. Please call Barb or Wayne at (315) 587-2069 for details. And please pass on this information to anyone else whom you would think would benefit from this gift.