Wadud Henry Cretella and Zaynab Kathleen FitzPatrick

Healing Music from the Heart

Welcome to the Bismillah and Friends website! In the tradition of traveling troubadours, Wadud and Zaynab offer music to promote peace and inner healing at home in Rochester, New York, and on their international travels. Practicing mental health professionals (psychiatry and social work), Wadud and Zaynab blend traditional psychiatric knowledge with spiritual insight and practice in their work. This orientation infuses their music. Zaynab is a singer and plays the harmonium. Wadud plays the guitar, sings and composes most of the music and lyrics. Together, the create a synergy that invites other musicians as well as the listeners to join in an experience of opening the heart through sound.

The photograph above was taken in the Israeli desert, behind Nebi Musa, the monument to the prophet Moses overlooking the Dead Sea. The photographer is Subhan Dawson.